Sergei Sviatchenko is an Ukrainian born Danish citizen. He graduated from Kharkov Academy of Art and Architecture, followed by a PhD at the Kiev School of Architecture /Means of Visual Information in Architecture/. In 1990 he moved to Denmark. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions across Europe, Canada and the USA.


Sergei Sviatchenko stands out as an artist with a unique vision; encompassing our ever-shifting creative vocabulary whilst maintaining a precise, individual voice which underpins his work to stand both conceptually and creatively above the tide of visual messaging in todays visual culture, revealing the unigue creative vision of this truly contemporary artist.


Sergei Sviatchenko offers a more reductive take on photomontage. Most photomontage work seems overcooked and hesitant: it usually looks as if the artist is striving for reality. Sviatchenko, on the other hand, brings an iconic simplicity and aggressive directness to his work, and he does this by never striving for realism. His work has the deranged feeling of dreams. It is work that is psychologically unsettling. It is work that has bite, but it is also superbly stylish. Just don’t call it illustration. The only thing it is illustrating is Sviatchenko’s vision of the world."

Edition: Outsideinside


Collages 2006-08

size: 30x50cm and 70x100cm

Limited Edition: 5 + 1 AP


SIGNED Lambda Fuji Pro Paper Print

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