Josef Hnik, born 1946, is a native of Prague. After graduating in art photography from FAMU, he started work as an advertising photographer, while pursuing his personal projects : he photographed nudes, portraits and still-life. Later, he opened an advertising agency and dedicated himself to making film advertisements.

Since 2001, he has focused exclusively on personal work - stylized still-lives using old photographic techniques such as: wooden bellows cameras with the original, primitive lenses dating back to the end of the 19th century, using 24x30cm up to 30x50 cm negatives. 
Lately, he has focused on experimental portraits taken with a digital camera. He finds inspiration for his work on the Internet – using a classical photographic technique he takes photographs of pictures displayed on his computer monitor and then works with the resulting pictures with the aid of a projection technique. The resulting photographs become the final product without any further digital adjustment.

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