Nadia Rovderova was born 1971 in Poprad, Slovakia, and lives since 1990 in Prague. She has been active as a photographer, journalist, curator and gallerist. Her photographic work is very much guided by forces outside her complete control, as this is the way she prefers it to be, and so has loosely called the program of work Fotofatal. Her technique is not dependent upon f-stops or exposure times, but guided more by feelings and instinct, forces sometimes only vaguely felt, that come from particular places or objects. She uses long exposure times and hand-held cameras, expired color film, capturing energies invisible to the human eye, focusing only on subliminal perceptions, the subconscious. In the years 2000-2002 she directed the Photocenter of MECCA (Middle European Colony of Contemporary Arts) in Terezin, where she made a series of color photographs published under the title Terezin - talk with ghosts. Other series include On the Road, Searching for Angels, Diaries. She directed the Galerie Cesky Plastiky/Gallery of Czech Sculpture for the years 2003-2005, and founded the Artinbox Gallery in Prague (2010) dedicated mainly to photography. There she has developed a strong profile for her creative thematic exhibitions, integrating works from sculpture, painting, graphics and video by prominent Czech and Slovak artists.

Editionen: On the road series 

Terezin – Searching for Angels series

Unterschiedliche Größen / C- Prints
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60 x 40 cm 
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