Room with a View

Artist Statement:


To photograph this series I visited quite a few private rooms in ordinary residences in China and a few public places. I used the furniture and other objects within the rooms themselves as a foreground and frame, and let the exterior be seen through the room windows. The political buildings, statues and other outdoor structures are what we see through the window. For many Chinese people, those exterior views are meaningful and significant, but they look ambiguous and distant when looked at from within ordinary rooms.


This series is not only a collection of rooms with a view onto a particular history of modern China, it is also an observation of the rapid change of life in present-day Chinese society, and the twist on its own past.



Edition: A Room with a View 2000/02


Size I: 50cm x 72cm - Edition of 10

Size II: 100cm x 150cm - Edition of 6


Archival pigment print on fine art paper

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