LU JUN - Biografie

1962 Born in Hubei Province, P.R. China

1983 Graduated in Wuhan University of Technology


Solo Exhibition


Photographic Ink & Wash, Lu Jun Solo Exhibition, m97 Gallery, Shanghai

Chinese Ink & Wash, Lu Jun Solo Exhibition, Zenith Gallery, Beijing


How Far From Us, The 8th Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China

Chinese Ink & Wash, Lu Jun Solo Exhibition, Epson Art Workshop, Beijing


Consume Note: The 7th China Pinyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China


Consume Happiness: Lu Jun’s Solo Exhibition, Memory Space Gallery, Beijing’s 798, China

Chinese Real Estate Dream, Honored Excellent Photographer Award


Who am I?, The 5th China Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi, China


Lu Jun Conceptual Photography Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum, China

Lu Jun Fine Art Photography Exhibition, Zhuhai Museum, China


Group Exhibitions


Color, Contemporary Art Exhibition Ink, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Photographic Ink & Wash, the 7th Florence Biennale, 1st Prize Photography,

Florence, Italy


Exquisite Corpse: China Surreal, m97 Gallery, Shanghai, China

Look-China,Imperial City Museum of Art, Zenith Gallery, Beijing

FOTOBILD Berlin Arts Photography Festival,Germany

Toronto CONTACT Photography Festival,Canada

Chinese Contemporary Photography,The 7th International Foto Festival, Lodz Art Center, Poland

Chinese Contemporary Photography Group Exhibition of 6, Zenith Gallery, Beijing, China

Art Beijing-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Presence, A group of Materialist "world view", The 8th Pingyao International

Photography Festival, Shanxi, China

The 4th International Lianzhou International Photography Exhibition, Lianzhou,


The Sixth Biennial ink Shenzhen International Event


 Chinese Photography Investment Classical Collections Exhibition Guanfu

Classical Art Museum, Beijing, China

Inside, Outside Shenzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Sculpture Gallery, China

The First 5X7 PingYao Photo Biennale Exhibition, Pingyao TS1 Contemporary Art Center Beijing

China Youth Art Beijing Soka Art Centre, China

Hungered Artist The 5th Anniversary Works Exhibition, C5 Art Center, Beijing,



Beijing Image Expert Interview, Beijing, China

The 5th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Art Museum, China

Automan Season Gallery, Beijing 798, Switzerland, Singapore


Present Continues – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Sculpture Gallery, China

Korea Donggang International Photography Festival, Honored As Excellent Foreign Photographer, Korea

The City’s Skin Contemporary Art Exhibition, Macao Tap Seac Gallery, ShenzhenArt Museum, China


Macao – Zhuhai Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Macao

Bare Androgyny- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing’s 798, China


China Performance Photography Exhibition, iPac Contemporary Art Archives, Genoa, Italy

City Slang – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Pearl River Delta, He Xiangning

Museum of Art, Shenzhen, China

The 2th Italy iPac International Contemporary Art Biennial Exhibition, State Contemporary Art Museum, Genoa, Italy

100 faces of Artists Exhibition, Nanjing, China


China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Contemporary Photography Exhibition, HongKong Arts Center, Hong Kong

Contemporary Photography Group Exhibitions, Denmark


The 3th Shanghai International Photography Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai, China


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