JIANG ZHI - Biografie





1971 Born in Yuanjiang, China

1995 Graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts


Currently lives and works in Beijing and Shenzhen, China


Solo Exhibitions



Can I Become Better?, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong



Hypocenter, SiloSilo, Zurich, Switzerland



Un-forming, The Roof Art Museum, Liangzhu Center of Arts, Hangzhou, China

Already I Know the Storms, Magician Space, Beijing, China

Going and Coming, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong



To Make with Changes, HDM Gallery,Beijing, China

One is All, All is One, TKG+, Taiwan



Jiang ZhiSolo Exhibition: ALL,OCAT Shenzhen Exhibition Hall A, Shenzhen, China

Predestiny, Magician Space, Beijing



The Sight,White Cube, Hong Kong



Strait is the Gate,Magician Space, Beijing, China

Love Letters, M97 Gallery, Shanghai, China

Impure Light, Saamlung Gallery, Hong Kong

If This Were a Man, Times Museum, Guangdong, China




Love Letters, SH Contemporary “Hot Spots” project section with m97 Gallery, Shanghai, China



ATTITUDE 3An Exhibiton by Jiang Zhi (Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Beijing, China)

Jiang Zhi – Temperature of the Nerve Endings (Tang Contemporary Art presents Bangko, Thailand )

TREMBLE: Solo Exhibition of Jiang Zhi (Magee Are Gallery.Madrid)



ATTITUDE, An Exhibiton by Jiang Zhi (Osage Gallery,kwun tong,Hong Kong)

ATTITUDE, An Exhibiton by Jiang Zhi (Osage Gallery,Shanghai, China)

“On The White”, Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition (Osage Gallery, Singapore)



“On The White”, Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition (Osage Gallery,kwun tong,Hong Kong)

“Neurosis and Prattle” (Marella Gallery, Beijing, China)

“Shine Upon Me” (DF2 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA)



 “Things Would Turn Simple Once They Happened”, New Photographs by Jiang Zhi (Gallery M97, Shanghai, China)


Double Rooms – Cao Fei, Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition (Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai,China)


Mu Mu – Exhibition of Jiang Zhi’s Photography (Guangzhou, China)


Selected Group Exhibitions



Noire Lumière, HOW Museum, Shanghai, China

Duration: Chinese Art in Transformation, Beijing Mingsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China

In the Name of Flower, Pearl Art Museum, Shanghai, China

From Screen to Mind -A 50 Year History, Wind H Art Center, Beijing, China



The 4thToday’s Documents –A Stitch in Time, BeijingTimes Art Museum, Beijing, China

Ordinary Lie, Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea

Pal(ate)/ette/, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China

Free Prism: Video Wave, OCT Boxes Art Museum, Foshan, China

Writing Non –Writing: Hangzhou International Modern Calligraphy Festival,China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

Technology Condenses Into Landscape——Tech Based Art and Landscape Painting, BEI Zhaolong, Beijing, China

The Curation Workshop ——Exhibition Curation and Design, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China

Love Love Love, Essence Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing, China

New Art History:2000-2018 Chinese Contemporary Art, MOCA Yinchuan, Yinchuan, China

Now is the Time –2019 Wuzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China

New Video from China, museum of contemporary art of Roma (Macro) , Italy



The D-Tale: Video Art from the Pearl River Delta, Times Art Center, Berlin, Germany

LOVE: Intimate, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Mind Temple, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China

40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2018, Booth: Blindspot Gallery, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China

Image–Script, StanfrodArt Gallery, Stanford, USA

Fiction Art, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT), Shenzhen, China

Lifeand Dreams: ContemporaryChinesePhotography and Media Art, The Walther Collection, Neu-Ulm, Germany

ART|BASEL Hong Kong, Booth: Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong



Troposphere –Chinese and Brazilian Contemporary Art, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum,Beijing, China

The 7thBi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture –Cities Grow in Difference, Shenzhen,China

Guangzhou Image Triennial –Simultaneous Eidos, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou,China

PARIS PHOTO 2017, Booth: Blindspot Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris, France

Art and China after 1989: Theatreof the World, Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA

M+ screenings: City Limits, M+,Hong Kong

The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2016, Beijing MinshengArtMuseum, Beijing, China

Canton Express: Art of the Pearl River Delta, M+, Hong Kong

Moments and More: Documents of Culture Pavilion [wén huà guǎn] Online Art ProjectOCAT Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Post-sense Sensibility:Trepidation and Will, Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum,Shanghai, China



Post-sense Sensibility:Trepidation and Will,Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China

Love Addict: Jiang Zhi and Chen Xiaoyun, Taikang Space, Beijing, China

Turning Point—Contemporary Art in China Since 2000, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

The World is Yours, as Well as Ours, White Cube, London, UK

Exotic Stranger curated by Bao Dong, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, France



Wordscape Poetry Art Project 2011, OCT Art and Design Gallery, Shenzhen

Super-Organism CAFAM Biennale 2011, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

The Shape of Time: The Multi-narrative History in Contemporary Chinese Art, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art (ICCA), Beijing , China

SH Contemporary 2011“Hot Spots”, Shanghai Exhibition Center (SEC)

Breaking Away – an Abstract Art exhibition, Boers-Li Gallery, China

Guanxi: Contemporary Chinese Art, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China


The Power of Doubt- PHotoEspana, Museo Colecciones ICO, Madrid, Spain Fabricator (Beijing SOKA Art Center)



Beyond Memory: Contemporary Photography in China (CAFA Art Museum Beijing, China)

Conception as Enzyme (Chengdu A4 Contemporary Arts Center China)

COMMUNITY OF TASTES Chinese Contemporary Art since 2000 Museu de arte Contemporanea, Sao Paulo

COMMUNITY OF TASTES Chinese Contemporary Art since 2000 Santiago Museum of the Contemporary Art (MAC)

Looking through Film: Traces of Cinema and Self-Constructs in Contemporary Art (OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) ,China, )

RESHAPPING HISTORY Chinart from 2000 to 2009 ( IBC China National Conference Center)

Jungle – A Close-Up Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art Trends Platform China Beijing, China



“Work in Progress: How Do Artists Work?” (Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China)

Permanent Migrants (INH–SZ,Shenzhen Guangdong)

“Terrioria 4, The Great Leap”—A traveling project of contemporary art in Tuscany, Italy (Various venue in the Province of Prato, Italy)

GETXOPHOTO Festival (Getxo, Spain)

Daily Rituals (Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China)

Generation Hangzhou 2.0  Young Artists from China Academy of Art (F2 Gallery, Beijing)

Between the Sexes (Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery 1, Beijing, China)

“time versus fashion” (The Kunstverein Nürtingen art centre, Germany )

Blackboard -Group Exhibition (ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai)

The Tale of Angels (The Red Mansion Foundation London, United Kingdom )

SPECTACLE-TO EACH HIS OWN (Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei )

2009 Guangzhou Photo Biennial ( Guang Dong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China)

Photo Beijing 2009 ( National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing,China)

TRAFFIC-Art Highway Musée des beaux-arts etd’archéologie Besancon, France



Drawn in the Clouds – Asian Contemporary Art (Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma,Helsinki,Finland )

Mediations Biennale 2008 (Poznan, Poland)


“EXQUISITE CORPSE: China Surreal” (Gallery M97, Shanghai, China)

Landscape Topology (Magee Art Gallery, Beijing, China )

Chinese Fantasies (Found Art Museum, Beijing, China)

“Reflective Asia” Nanjing Triennial Exhibition Nanjing Museum,China

“Artist Cinema” Photo Beijing 2008 ( National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing,China)

55 Days in Valencia: Chinese Art Meeting Exhibition Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno IVAM SPAIN

China Gold, Contemporary Chinese Art, Museum of Maillol, Paris, France

“Insomnia” photography exhibition (BizArt Art Center, Shanghai, China)

2D/3D: Negotiating Visual Languages (PKM Gallery, Beijing, China)

The Oriental Rainbow: An Index of Images in China’s Urbanization Process (Magee Art Gallery Madrid, Spain)

Poetic Realism: A Reinterpretation of Jiangnan—Contemporary Art from South China (Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente, Madrid, Spain)

Homesickness: Memory and Virtual Reality (T Space, Beijing, China)

CIGE 2008 / Young Asian Artists’ Solo Shows ( Exhibition Hall China World Trade Center, Beijing, China)

Guangzhou Station–Special Exhibition for Contemporary Art of Guangdong (Guangdong museum of art,Guang Zhou,China)

Building Code Violations ( Long March Space, Beijing, China)

“THERE IS NO I IN TEAM” Contemporary Chinese Artists’ Work ( Civic Centre, Barras Bridge Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Time-Lag: The New Force of Chinese Contemporary Art ( Magee Art Gallery,Madrid, Spain)

Community of Tastes: The Inaugural Exhibition of Iberia Center for Contemporary Art (Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China)

FOTOFEST 2008-CHINA: Photography from China 1934-2008, FotoFest Headquarters (Houston, USA)

La Cina e’ Vicina- China Next Door (Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli, Italy)

Free Zone: China / An exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art ( Banca della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland)



Shanghai Art Fair of International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Best Discovery Section” (Tang Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China)

Negative Actions (Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China)

China & India (Summerscene 2007, Salzburg, Austria)

NoNo: Self-curated exhibition of latest artworks by 11 individual artists ( Long March Space, Beijing, China)

Who Do You Think You Are? (Milan, Italy)

Chinese Whispers (Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China)

“New Photo—Ten Years” Exhibition (Three Shadows Photography Art Centre , Beijing)

The First Today’s Documents 2007-Energy: Spirit•Body•Material Beijing Today Art Museum

The 3th Lianzhou International Photography Exhibitoion (Lianzhou,Guang Zhou)

We Are Your Future: Special Project of the 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (Art Center Winzavod, Moscow, Russia)

“Highlights in Visual Landscape” Contemporary Art Exhibition (A-9 space, Bei Jing ,China)

Schedule of the 2nd BiFF (Song Zhuang Art Museum, Bei Jing, China)

Borderline Moving Images 2007 (Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Beijing, China)



The 5th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen (He Xiangning Museum of Art, Shenzhen, China)

All Look The Same? / Tuttiuguale? Art from China, Japan & Korea ( Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy)

La rivoluzione siamo noi ( Isola Art Centre, Milan, Italy)

China Power Station Part 1, Serpentine Gallery (Paris, France)

Accumulation – Canton Express Next Stop (Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China)

New Folk Movement ——‘The reconstruct of the commonality living’contemporary art exhibition Beijing Ucool Modern Art Space

Fribourg International Film Festival (Fribourg, Switzerland)

China Day – 2006 Chinese Documentary World Tour (China)

Under The Skin (Universal Studios Beijing, China)

Never Go Out Without My DV Cam – Video Art from China ( the Museo Colecciones ICO, Madrid, Spain)

Mycology: The Politics of Realism – A Case of Chinese Contemporary Art (Centro Cultural de Macau, Macau, China)

Fancy Dreams (Marella Gallery, Beijing, China)



The 2nd Guangzhou Triennial of Art ( Guang Dong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China)

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Berlin Asian-Pacific Film Festival ( Berlin, Germany)

In the Deep of Reality: A Case of Chinese Contemporary Art (Hangzhou.China)

Irreality ( Para / Site Art Space, Hong Kong, China)

5th Asian Film Symposium & Inaugural Forum on Asian Cinema (The Substation Singapore)

Videozoom (Roma, Italy)

Citynet Asia 2005 (Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea)

Art of the Post-70s: The Chinese Generation after the Market Reform Mingyuan-artcenter,Shanghai Today Art Museum,Beijing

Plato and His Seven Spirits, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China)

The 7th Asian Film Festival in Tours (France, Tours)

Archaeology of the Future – The Second Triennial of Chinese Art (Nanjing, China)

Pingyao International Photography Festival (Pingyao, China)

The 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival (Hong Kong, China)

The 6th Asian Cinema Festival ( France)

Mahjong Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection (Kunstmuseum Bern,Bern,Switzerland)



21th World Wide Video Festival (The Netherlands)

62761232 (BizArt Art Center,Shanghai, China)

Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China (ICP and Asia Society, New York, USA)

East of East, International art exhibition (Slovenia)

Shanghai Biennale – Techniques of the Visible (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China)

Impakt Festival (The Netherlands)

Film Festival of Aubagne, Aubagne (France)

The 22nd Turin Film festival (Turin, Italy)

Taiwan International Documentary Festival (Taipei, Taiwan)

LA Freewaves, Video and New Media: How Can You Not Resist? ( Los Angeles, USA)

Reality Spells – Chinese Conceptual Photography Since The 90s (Hong Kong Central Public Library, Hong Kong, China)



Zone of Urgency: The 50th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia (Venice, Italy)

Asian New Force/IFVA2002 Hong Kong short film and video festival (Hong Kong

The 8th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards ( Hong Kong, China)

Remembering / Lifetime / Beijing (Tokyo Art Project, Beijing, China)

Minority Obeys Majority (BizArt Space, Shanghai, China)

Moving Pictures of Pearl River Delta (Guangzhou, China)

Brut de China, Paris (France)

Independence Day Moving Images of Pearl River Delta (Guang Zhou/Shen Zhen/Shang Hai/Hong Kong/Macau)

Public Space and Personal Eyes – New Vision in China (Kampnagel Hamburg, Germany)

The Fifth System: Public Art in the Age of Post-Planning – International Public Art Exhibition (Shenzhen, China)

The 10th Biennial of Moving Pictures (Geneva, Switzerland)

“The Different Same”Art Exhibition (ShangHai)



Fantasia ( East Modern Art Center, Beijing, China )

Chinese contemporary video exhibition (Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Palm Beach, USA)

The 4th Gwangiu Biennale Exhibition (Gwangiu, South Korea)

The First Guangzhou Triennial of Art, Guangdong Art Museum (Guangzhou, China)

Pingyao International Photography Festival (Pingyao, China)

Self-Talking / Art Channel of Tom.com Nominated Photo Exhibition (Beijing, China)

Macau Video Original Exhibition (Macau, China)

Under Construction: New Dimensions of Asian Art (The Japan Foundation Forum Tokyo Opera City Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)

+System, Short Videos from the World 2002-2003 ( New York,Thailand, Shanghai & Guangzhou, China)

The Long March: A Walking Visual Display (Kun Ming,China)



China Charm: Art Festival, Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)

Mantic Ecstasy – Digital Images & Video Art (Hangzhou / Shanghai / Beijing, China)

City Slang: Contemporary Art in Guangdong Region (Shenzhen, China)

Up-ricing: Asia Intercultural Project (Hongkong / Singapore / Taipei / Shanghai / Beijing/ Paris/Berlin)

Contemporary Multimedia Art Festival (Hangzhou, China)

Asia Art Festival (Berlin, Germany)

The 1st Independent Film & Video Exhibition (Beijing, China)

Fantasia / Under Construction (Space imA, Seoul South Korea)

Contemporary Multimedia Art Festival (Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Palm Beach, USA)



Sovereignty & Beyond – Videos from Chinese Artists International Festival (Hong Kong, China)



Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival (Singapore)

Post-Sense Sensibility: Alien Bodies & Delusion (Beijing, China)

The Same But Also Changed – Conceptual Photography (Shanghai, China)

Videos From Chinese Artists International Festival (Hong Kong, China)

Beijing – London: Revolutionary Capitals (London, UK)



Demonstration of Video Art ’97 China, the Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing, China)

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