Born in Shuyang county, Jiangsu Province in September 1900,

studied in the Shanghai Fine Arts Junior College, 1919 – 1921;

taught fine arts in the Shuyang County High School,1923 – 1927;

employed as painter by the Shanghai Yijing Scene Company,1928 – 1930,



… as a photographer of the Shanghai Hongdeng Photo Studio, 1930 -1932;

… as Art Director of the Shanghai Tianyi Film Company, 1932 – 1934;

… as a photographer of the Shanghai Diantong Film Industry Company,

Mingxing Film Company, 1935 – 1937;

… as the team head of the Film Group of the General Political Department of

the Yan’an 8th Route Army, 1938 – 1946;

… as the technical department head and deputy studio director of the

Northeast Film Studio, 1946 – 1948;

… as Director of the Northeast Film Studio,1949 – 1954;

… as the Deputy Dean of the Beijing Film Academy and also the director of the

photography department, 1955 – 1970;

… as a member of the Culture Team of State Council, 1970 – 1974;

… as an advisor of the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, 1977 – 1982;

died in Beijing on September 7,1994.

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