Hong Kong waters

“Hong Kong Waters” is the latest completed project by Andreas Müller-Pohle, comprising photography, video and sound. Over a period of two years, he photographed the Asian megacity as seen from the perspective of the water – half below, half above the water’s surface – thus creating a new, hitherto unseen image of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is known for its hyper-dense high-rise architecture, but no less characteristic of the city are its various water landscapes, including 700 kilometers of coastline, 260 islands and countless rivers, canals, reservoirs and waterfalls. “Hong Kong Waters“ brings together these two dimensions of the city: its vertical urbanity and its horizontal alignment to the water.


“Hong Kong Waters” is also available as a book, co-published by Kehrer Verlag and Asia One Books in 2013.

Hong Kong Waters, 2009 - 2010


digital pigment prints

130 x 90 cm

63 images

Edition: 5 + 3 AP


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